Quality Hurleys made from Irish Ash...........

Guildof Irish Ash Hurley Makers

Many County players from Tipperary, Waterford and Kilkenny and from all over the Country come to Drangan to get quality Irish Ash made O'Brien Hurleys.

He is a proud member of the Irish Guild of Ash Hurley makers and has been making Hurleys for many years.

He is proud of having a great name for Hurleys with the red stamp showing from the local GAA pitches To Croke Park.

O'Brien Hurley's where quality comes first............

Delivery Costs (Republic of Ireland)

1 to 25 Hurleys - €8

Please allow 9 - 10 WORKING DAYS for delivery of order
Tipperary Style Hurley No.1 €27
Tipperary Style Hurley No.2 €27
Tipperary Big Bas Hurley €27
Kilkenny Style Hurley €27
Cork Style Hurley €27
Clare Hurley €27
Limerick Style Hurley €27
Waterford Big Bas Hurley €27
Waterford Style Hurley €27
Dublin Style Hurley €27
Goal Keepers Hurley €30

“I would always recommend that hurlers come personally for their hurleys so that any alteration can be carried out to their requirements while they are present, - Jim O Brien. ”